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As a Chartered Accountant and lecturer, I accompany Accounting students on their journeys from students to professionals by providing them with information, resources, advice and motivation.

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  • Right Now studying“Right Now” Studying

    What’s “Right Now” studying?
    What are you able to do RIGHT NOW? What knowledge are you comfortable with RIGHT NOW!?Before any revision. Before any notes, material. What can you do RIGHT NOW?  If you’re able to get marks for topics, and you’re comfortable with the knowledge now, why are you going to re-learn it?As a […]

  • Chat: James Perry CA

    Who is James Perry?
    James Perry, is a Chartered Accountant, and one of Northern Ireland’s Top 40 Under 40. He’s the owner of, a unique business coaching Accounting Students on mindset, motivation, study & exam techniques. He has successfully coached over 80 people globally including Jamaica, India, Zimbabwe & New Zealand.Holding a First Class Degree […]

  • Build your networkNetwork – Build it before you need it

    Why is it important to build a network?
    People are increasingly relying on their networks and connections to find work roles, opportunities, projects, funding and information.

    As someone who’s employed people, I can absolutely relate to this. Hiring someone who needs to fill an important function and play a part of your team, just from […]

  • CTA Auditing Supp Course 2019

    Need desperate help for your February 2019 Auditing Supplementary exam?
    Submit Two Mock Tests
    Get Exam Technique and mark gathering feedback from me
    Email me:
    Days to register for the Full Supp Course (24 Jan 2019):


    Testimonial – Jan 2019 AUE Supp Course

    “My marks were still so disappointing […]

  • Prep before your next Accounting Studies

    “What do I need to do to pass?”
    I get asked this ALL THE TIME. Here’s my answer.
    It’s your ‘mindset’. Yes, you know this. But do you know what ‘mindset’ actually is?! Hint: It’s not a few motivational posters and lots of ‘determination’.
    So, I created a course for you to go through BEFORE you […]

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Your mindset affects your time management, the effectiveness of your study sessions, and your mental blocks. 

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