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Do you get frustrated that your studying never matches your study plan?

Do you struggle with time management?

Do you find yourself avoiding certain topics and questions, and make excuses about it?

Do you find yourself working harder and harder as you study higher levels, but seem to get less and less right?

Let's get your head and habits in the right space before the new year

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What is this blog for?

As an accounting student studying towards my CA(SA) qualification, there were so many times I found myself saying “I wish someone had told me that!”

I want to share what I’ve learnt, and continue to learn, so that other accounting students and young professionals don’t need to say the same thing. I write articles on both subject-specific topics, general professional skills, and career and study advice.

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Finance in Style

Check out my new site… for all my projects, courses and articles relating to your ‘lifestyle’ surrounding your Finance profession and life.

I offer one-on-one, online tutoring sessions for auditing students. I love helping accounting students truly understand the concepts, so they can apply them at every level, qualification and in practice.
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After many conversations with firms, I’ve put together a course for people planning to start their traineeship / articles in the future. It consists of things firms wish clerks knew before they started. 
It’s not about technical work, training contracts or how to ‘do the job’. It’s the professional skills, awareness of how firms ‘work’, and what they want from you as a staff member who needs to add value to their clients