Hi, I’m Yvonne

Yvonne Starkey CA(SA).

Some of you know me as Yvonne Venter. I got married in 2014, so when you see both names, that’s why!

I’m a qualified CA, and I’ve lectured Auditing and Accounting for over a decade. My passion is to help students get closer to their success.

I provide Study Coaching for Accounting students because they have a very specific set of challenges that I understand really well.

I dedicate this site to all you students out there making sacrifices to reach your dreams. Respect!

Yvonne Starkey

MY skills and approach

My skills are based on the experience I’ve gathered from lecturing thousands of students, and the work I’ve done to help them

  • Lectured thousands of distance-learning students at all levels
  • Supported, coached and advised students on non-content concepts to help their studying
  • Provide study advice and support on my blog, social media and mailers

My approach is based on the concepts I believe are crucial for students sucess





emotional intelligence


How our brains work