Accounting Study Coaching

Accounting Study Coaching

Why Study Coaching?

Have you ever:

  • Heard about how important study and exam technique is, but haven’t got specifics of how to work on these?
  • Spent more time revising your study plans than studying?
  • Felt like you haven’t felt ‘ready’ for an exam since school ended?
  • Still using the same study habits from school, but they work less and less… but how should you change them?
  • Wondered where all your study time went?
  • Agreed that you should do more questions, but somehow just don’t get there until the week of the exam?
  • Put in effort but not seen progress?
  • Heard that exam and study technique is so important, but no one’s ever really given you specifics?
  • Have mental blocks with subjects and questions… but you HAVE to pass!?

Then you KNOW that you need help with more than just the topics. You need help to change habits, mindsets, improve your study approach and exam technique

What does Study Coaching include?

Study Prep Course

My online course discussing your brain, personality, fears and advice on study habits and exam technique

Study profile assessment

Complete a study profile questionnaire, so I can help you identify and focus on your study challenges

One-on-one online sessions

One-on-one 45 minute sessions to discuss your challenges, motivate you, and help you improve your study approach

Regular Mails

Regular emails to motivate you and provide additional guidance for the videos

Choose the perfect plan

Once-off, or monthly. Select what works for you

R2 500

Full Two month coaching


Per one-on-one session

  • Online, 45 Minute session with me

Frequently asked questions

On registration, you get:

  • Access to the Online Study prep course (Two month’s access)
  • A study profile questionnaire to complete
  • The first of your regular mails to explain, guide and apply the videos in the online course, (and for that all-important motivation!)

Every few days, for two months:

  • An email guiding you to a video or two with specific guidance or application, and motivation (Will take max 15 minutes every 3 days)

One-one sessions

  • The first one should be booked within 2 weeks of the start, after completing the study profile assessment, and the first section (Brain) of the online course
  • The second and third should be spaced a few weeks apart to allow for habit changes, so we can discuss challenges you’re facing
  • If you’re struggling with your study habits.
  • If you feel like you’re putting the effort in, but aren’t seeing progress.
  • If you can’t quite figure out where your study time is going, and why you’re always behind
  • If you KNOW you should be doing questions, but just don’t seem to get to them until the week of the exam
  • If you’ve heard how important exam and study technique is, but haven’t really had any specific help with it
  • If you have mental blocks with subjects and questions

The course consists of videos covering discussions about exam technique, study habits and how your mindset, personality and fears affect the success of your studies. 

You can see the full course contents, and view a few free videos here

A questionnaire for you to complete which allows me to assess your study approach, strengths and challenges. This is NOT subject-related. It relates to your habits, and mindset that impact your studies

I use Zoom. This allows us to see eachother, record the session so you can watch it again. No download necessary.

You should go through some of the Online Course before these sessions, so that we can save time for your specific challenges during our sessions.

These should be at two week intervals, to allow you the time to consider and apply the techniques and habit changes we’ve discussed.

I’ll send you regular emails (Every 3 or 4 days), to encourage or provide more guidance. Please note, there will be limited interaction. (ie: This is not intended to provide a platform for in-depth one-on-one support questions)

The emails will provide guidance on the videos in the Online Study Course, motivate and help you to apply the concepts.


"I really was inspired by listening to the videos, I defer from doing questions because I tell myself 'I can't start something I haven't studied.' And when I do study, I take more time and end up not doing the question bank. I'm currently doing my third year, and already I'm feeling the pressure...being introduced to IFRS Standards and all. I hope I use the techniques and principles you taught me as an Accounting Student and tackling the challenges that come with that."
" I can not thank you enough for all the extra information, support and guidance. I really appreciate it."
"Thank you so much for the mindset course. It has really helped me"
"Thank you ... aaaahhhh I'm definitely a fixed mindset 🙈.... I think this course is going to help me a great deal!"
"I just wanted to update you that I passed those 4 subjects and even got two distinctions 😀 your advice last year was great. "
"This course has so far helped keep me on track (I used to love going back to theory but now suffer through the questions to get less stupid). I understand that I how i feel does not matter because at the end of the day I am working at it daily, I am noting what I don't understand and working on understanding stuff. I am actively forcing myself to not revert to the fixed mindset and those previous bad habits. My mindset has changed and I feel better now because I know what I'm doing is the right thing with the time that I have by someone who knows much more than me. Thank you immensely for your guidance thus far."
"Hi Yvonne and happy new year! I thought I should let you know that I passed the supp exam and PGDA as a result-and currently preparing for ITC. Thank you again for the work you do in motivating students along this journey."


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