Auditing – Online Tutoring

Struggling to understand Auditing for your studies?

I’ve lectured Auditing at all levels for over ten years.

I fully understand how students struggle with it, and what they struggle with. My intention is to help save them time by getting them to understand the concepts, and more importantly, how to use and apply them for questions.

I also have online courses covering some Auditing topics that students struggle with:

My ‘Right Now’ course is a mock test and feedback course that I use at the beginning of your studies, to help you figure out which areas to focus on.

Tutoring details:

Cost: R500 per hour
Method: I use Skype (free to download), so I can share my screen and write as I’m talking to you)

My philosophy: Get help as early as possible. Don’t waste time struggling on your own.

Contact me:

  • What topics / issues are you struggling with? What can I help you with?