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How can you contact me?

PLEASE NOTE: I don’t give out my phone number. 

This may sound rude… but just imagine how many students there are out there who want information about their studies / careers / qualification struggles on a daily basis! Not to mention the stressed students who contact me a few days before exams at all hours of the day and night!

I do the best I can to help students through my blog, FB group etc, but if I had to respond to every query I get… I’ll never get to anything else!
A lot of these queries take a lot of time to answer, they need a lot more ‘background’ information to answer, or I just don’t have the answers for you… and I do need to focus on my ‘day job’!

Please don’t ask me these types of question… you probably won’t get a response from me:

  • “Will UNISA accept my application for …?”
    • I don’t like giving opinions on what UNISA will do with your registration. There’s generally a lot more information to take into account about your past studies, quals etc… I can’t make decisions on UNISA’s behalf, and I’d HATE to be the reason you expect one thing and get another… rather go to the source!
    • UNISA link for undergrad
    • UNISA link for post-grad
  • ‘Free’ help / tutoring / lecturing for your studies
  • Personal mentoring
  • Articles / Job placements – I don’t have access to article positions or jobs for you!
General Queries