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How to contact me:

FacebookYvonne’s Accounting Studies Support
  • This is a closed group
  • It’s mainly intended for students studying towards the CA(SA) qualification
  • As an Auditing lecturer by specialism, a lot of the content is related to Auditing subjects!

Note: Please don’t send my personal ‘friend requests’. I don’t befriend students on Facebook… I’m sure you can imagine I’d like to have a private life too!

LinkedInYvonne Starkey CA(SA)
  • As a professional platform, I share less ‘study-related’, and more ‘career-related’ information on this platform
Tabaldi Online Accounting Classroom –
  • Website
  • UNISA BCompt and CTA online courses
NOTE: I don’t give out my email address or phone number to students. 
Here’s why…

This may sound rude… but just imagine how many students there are out there who want information about their studies / careers / qualification struggles on a daily basis! I do the best I can to help students through my blog, FB group etc, but if I had to respond to every query I get… I’ll never get to anything else!
A lot of these queries take a lot of time to answer, they need a lot more ‘background’ information to answer, or I just don’t have the answers for you… and I do need to focus on my ‘day job’!

Please don’t ask me these types of question… you probably won’t get a response from me:

  • Qualification advice… What qualifications to study and why.  (ACCA; CIMA; CFA; CA(SA) etc). These are LONG answers, and are very dependant on you
  • “Will UNISA accept my application for …?”
    • I don’t like giving opinions on what UNISA will do with your registration. There’s generally a lot more information to take into account about your past studies, quals etc… I can’t make decisions on UNISA’s behalf, and I’d HATE to be the reason you expect one thing and get another… rather go to the source!
  • ‘Free’ help / tutoring / lecturing for your studies
  • Personal mentoring
  • Articles / Job placements – I don’t have access to article positions or jobs for you!