“I’m not ready to do a question”

"I'm not Ready"

“I’m not ready to do questions”
“I’m not ready to write the exam”

I hear this ALL the time 
Let’s talk about it

Think on these things

(As you listen to the video and read this. I want you to CONSCIOUSLY note the thoughts that run through your mind. Good, bad or ugly. Note them, watch them. But don’t let them stop you from reading, listening, or thinking. Don’t let any inner resistance stop you from thinking on this.)

Students absolutely PLAN to do questions. Totally. Just not YET.

There’s never enough ‘future’ to fit all those ‘planned’ studies in before that exam comes

“But I don’t know anything! There’s no point!”

If you’ve studied this subject at a lower level, or are repeating it… then you DON’T know ‘nothing’.

Your journey is HARD. I respect you for it.
The hard part is not the content. Given enough time, you can master anything! The hard part is doing stuff way before you feel ready.

Student comments

I’ve developed a Study Coaching programme to help students with exam technique, changing habits and understanding these challenges.

I wrote an article on studying, starting from RIGHT NOW!


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