Need help with CTA Study planning between Test 4 and the Final Exam?

A lot of students ask me for advice about how to structure their study plans for the final exam stretch. What should they focus on? How much should they revise? What if they’re not ‘ready’ for questions, or have forgotten Test 1 topics?!

I’ve scheduled a webinar to go through these and other guidance and advice to help you make the most of your study time.

Webinar Details

What will I cover?

  • Study session planning and outcomes
  • What should you be careful of? What are common mistakes students make?
  • Focus of your studying and questions. What’s the objective? What do you need to practice?
  • How to work on gathering marks for knowledge you already have. 
  • Understanding how exams are designed, so you get the maximum marks for your work
  • Motivational ‘stuff’

Why does it include access to part of my Study Coaching?

See the course here

My advice is based on concepts explained in the beginning of my study coaching programme. (Duration: 1 hour).
You will get more value from the session if you’ve gone through these basics, as I refer to them a lot:

  • Your personality and how it affects your study habits
    • Perfectionism
    • Mindset
    • You vs Your Brain
  • ‘The New Normal’
    • What affects your exam performance and marks? 
    • How to make your exam process ‘normal’ to reduce study and exam anxiety

Students sometimes feel that they don’t have time to go through concepts like this when they should be studying. In my experience, these concepts are CRUCIAL to be aware of, because they affect your decisions around how you’re studying every day, what you do in each study session, and the traps students fall into when they’re at this point in the year.

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(Note: Spaces are limited, book your spot ASAP)

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