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Knowledge is only valuable when you know how to use it

Study Habits and Exam Technique

Study Coaching is designed to maximise the efficiency of your study sessions, and increase your exam performance


Our mindset, habits, and emotions affect our study and exam performance far more than we realise

Regular Support

I email my students at least twice a week to follow-up on their habit changes, improvements, and get feedback on how they're doing

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Study Coaching

These affect your exam performance far more than you realise


Most frequent questions and answers

As students move higher in their studies, I find they’re putting the same, if not more, effort in. Yet their study methods are just not working for them anymore

What we forget is that higher study levels require different skills, and thus, different study habits

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I work with you personally, individually. Based on your challenges and feedback as we communicate, I give you advice specifically for you.

Changing habits is tough. I follow up with you, ‘nag’ you, encourage and motivate you. We’re in constant contact.

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I have an online course with videos, when we start, I’ll ask you to watch a few videos and give me feedback on what you do and don’t relate to. Through this discussion, I’ll learn more about your study style, habits and challenges.  

From there, I’ll tell you which videos to watch as we work together. This way, you can watch and think about the advice in your own time. 

As we email, you’ll give me feedback on how you’re applying it, what you’re struggling with, and I’ll ‘prescribe’ the next videos for you. I’ll also provide you with advice on how to apply the advice for your situation.

I also email regularly to ‘check up’ on you. I know that when students go quiet, things are probably going off-track!

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All my students indicate that their mindset and thoughts around their study approach have shifted after the first set of videos and discussion. 

From there, the challenge is how to apply that to your next study session. Changing habits is tough, and I’m here to help you take one step at a time, to improve each study session, one day at a time. 

My students definitely find the changes challenging, but all of them agree with the logic, the benefits and the need for change. Simple is not always easy. 

That’s why I’m here.

No matter how many classes you have, it all comes down to you, your brain, and your desk! 

Time management; procrastination; fears that drive your study decisions; avoiding questions; perfectionist habits; Fixed Mindset; fear of failure; constantly finding reasons not to study; learning how to ‘learn’ from your questions and ‘fix’ your understanding; learning how to ‘gather marks’… These are some of the things we’ll cover

I have students starting with me up to three weeks before their exams. 

In some cases, they need to focus their last few weeks of studying in a different way, and need help about how to do that. I find students often focus on the wrong things so close to exams. Their approach is designed to add ‘comfort’ and they feel as though it will help their confidence levels, but it doesn’t prepare them for the exam.

In these cases, I also provide a regular sanity check, and support through those tough times when it all feels too much.

It helps to have someone help keep your emotions calm and even when you feel like you’re falling apart and perhaps making bad decisions about how to study.

I work on a monthly basis. Some students learn what they need, adjust their habits, and work on their own, keeping me updated every now and then.

Other students prefer to have my support for longer, or until the exams. 

  • Monthly Study Coaching: $80 (R1 200)
  • Two month Study Coaching: $150 (R2 250)
  • Two months & Two one-on-one session: $180 (R2 700)
  • One-on-one Session, per hour: $30 (R450)

Payment options:

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