I’ve designed a study diary / journal based on some of the principles from my Study Coaching Programme.

Take a look below at some of the contents, the videos they’re based on, and what they’re designed to help you achieve.

Study Diary

Study coaching advice, info and motivation:

Study Diary

What's in it?


The diary focusses on comparing your actual studying to your planned studying. 

This encourages you to keep track of where you REALLY are, and keep an eye on those goals you set up at the start

what should you focus on?

Subject Details

Different subjects require different skills.

By identifying this upfront:

  • You can identify the skills that you are stronger and weaker at, for more or less focus
  • Different skills often require a different type of studying. This makes for better study planning
Study Diary
Study Diary

What should your semester look like?

Study Plan

Study sessions should be outcomes-based. This means that your study plan should have specific deliverables.

You’re not ‘clocking time’ when you’re studying. You need to set goals for each study session. Questions, topics, deadlines. 

How did your week go?

Weekly Plan

Students often wait too long to identify whether they’re on track.

This is a good way to ensure you’re not sticking your head in the sand! Each week, you can see whether you met your planned goals and adjust the next week’s work.

Study Diary

Are you keeping up?

Daily Plan

It is SO easy to make great plans and then make little justifications in the moment about why you can’t follow through.

We can easily ignore the day’s plans with the feeling that “it’s just one day”. But, are they adding up?

Study Diary

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