Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your marks seem to be getting worse, but you're putting the same (if not MORE!) effort in
  • You KNOW you need to do questions, but somehow don't get to them
  • 'Life' seems to get in the way of your study plans
  • You struggle with time management for your studies and exams
  • When you're not motivated, your studies suffer
  • You revise your study plan all the time
  • You never feel 'ready' for tests and exams
  • You can't seem to 'finish' the syllabus before the exam
  • You procrastinate on the areas you should focus on
  • You're afraid of failure, and it affects your studying
  • You know you need to improve on some areas, but HOW?!

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So, what's gone wrong?

For most students, the levels and expectations of their exams have changed, but they’re still using the same study methods from high school or their first years of university / college.

No one sends you a memo that says “By the way, you need to study differently for this level of exam, and this is how you do that”. You just study like you always have, and then the exam hits you like a kick in the stomach. Your study material never prepared you for this. It’s nothing like the studying you did!

Study Coaching - You're smart enough

How do I help my students?

Does this mean you're a bad student?

Most of my students are studying harder than ever. This is what makes the whole experience so much more frustrating. They’re working harder, more intensely, than they ever have, but somehow, the results are not showing that effort.

A lot of students don’t reach out for help, because SURELY after all these years of studying, they have loads of experience with it! They get help for the content, the technical work, but not their study habits, approach and mindset.

If you’re a perfectionist (and most of my students are!), you are very quick to criticise yourself for not reaching your goals and levels of excellence. 

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What affects your studying on a daily basis?

Your Mindset:

90% of students I talk to relate to this video
If you watch ONE video, let it be this one!

Inner conflict - We ALL have this challenge:

You’re committed to your studying. But it’s often a daily battle to do what you KNOW you should be doing.

Are you the only one who struggles with this?

Somehow, we always feel that we’re the only ones who struggle with these types of things. We feel that everyone else ‘has it all together’.

I can PROMISE you that’s not the case. This is why I coach students with their studying. It’s a challenge so many face, without realising what they’re struggling with

How do I help my students?

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