Yvonne Starkey CA(SA) (neè Venter)

My Chartered Accountant qualification journey


I'm a Chartered Accountant (SAICA), with over ten years of lecturing experience in Auditing and Accounting.
I have an awesome husband, who's also a CA(SA) and we live in Cape Town with our two cats. We're both self-employed entrepreneurs, working on projects we're passionate about.

I've lectured Auditing and Accounting both face-to-face (in classrooms), and online. Auditing will always be my first love!

I write this blog because there was so much information I wish I'd have known while I was studying and working towards my qualification, and I want to share that with other students.

Married to a CA(SA)...

I’m married to Richard Starkey, also a CA(SA), the smartest person I know! Some people say Accountants shouldn’t marry other Accountants, but I think it’s perfect. We always get eachothers’ jokes!

We love to travel together. We’ve been blessed to be able to travel and want to do so much more! Our professions and careers have played a huge role in achieving our dreams.


Starkey Travel

... and my cats

Thunder and Storm

My cats are my fur-babies. I work from home, so they’re really happy to have me around to keep them warm and happy!

You’ll see and hear them on a lot of the videos I record. I’ve given up trying to keep them quiet and off-screen!

They love my students as much as I do. 

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  1. Tasneem

    Hi Yvonne please could you forward me your email address.

  2. Zeneatha

    Hi there Yvonne.
    My friend and I just completed our undergrad at UNISA . We wanted to study together going into CTA. However my friend did not qualify for the one year CTA program. She has suggested Monash though. Please help. I don’t really know What the best option would be. Has Monash been able to get better pass rates with regards to the SAICA boards?

  3. Etienne

    Yvonne, Thank you for your contribution. exactly what i was looking for as i have not been involved in anything Accountancy based since 2004.

  4. Sizipiwe Msimang

    Hi Yvonne

    Thank you for this blog, it is both inspiring and technically helpful.

    I would really love to connect with you via email for a specific question I have.

    Would it be possible to get your email address.

    Warm regards

  5. Mags

    I`ve gone through all your articles over the last couple of days Yvonne. I don`t know how to thank you. You`ve contributed so much to the progress I will make from this year now onwards towards becoming a qualified accountant. Why? You have taught me that:

    Perfectionism is bad for my studies and career and guess what, it`s true!
    I am on my own unique journey with its purpose and I might
    Greater success is that which is achieved when the odds are staked against you so don`t wait for perfect conditions to get up and work towards your goal. Fight through the storm!

    “What matters is who we are, and the decisions we make when we can’t quite see the sun, and the rain and clouds seem like they’ll never go away” – Yvonne Starkey

  6. John

    This right here is my solution to my problem,

    I think there is light in this tunnel after all for me.
    Oh, thank God that you are also based in Cape Town.
    I hope to meet Yvonne in person.


    1. Yvonne

      Fantastic! Thank you!
      Of course there’s light at the end of the tunnel! A little of the right advice, and it’ll improve greatly!

  7. bongie

    I’ve just read your post about your qualification journey and you’re right, “I am full of doubt,but I’m holding on at the same time”. I discovered FLB last year 2nd semester (3rd year), but I can’t attend every module. I’m doubting this because I feel I’m taking too long to finish this degree and I’m not getting lucky on the job market… I’ll just see this through and see where it takes me. Thank you for your blog Yvonne, it’s really helpfull.

  8. Zintle

    you are a leader Miss V ! the world is your oyster!

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